Q: How do I write the problem statement for my research in environmental geology?

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My research is around the problems and effects of environmental geology and its effects such as flooding, acidic rain, global warming, landsliding, and volcanic eruptions.

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Hello Faais – Welcome to the forum!

Firstly, your topic is quite relevant, given the rapid destruction of the environment that we see all around us, most of which is man-made. However, based on what is written here alone, the research may be too broad. That is, its scope may be quite large. You’ll probably have to narrow down the scope (unless it is indeed narrow but just not indicated through the information provided here). All the same, you may refer to this resource for more information on the scope of a study: How do I present the scope of my study?

Defining the scope will help you work on the problem statement, because the problem statement is a concise yet comprehensive expression of the problem you are studying. That is, the problem statement is quite focused. In general, it has to talk about three aspects regarding the problem: the current state, the desired or ideal state, and the solutions or suggestions you will make through your research that will help attain this ideal state.

In your case, the existing state is the damage inflicted on the environment, the ideal state would be reduction or control of damage, and the suggestions would be the possible recommendations you make through the analyses of various environmental issues in your research. Which is again why we say the research may seem too broad, because there are several issues you have mentioned and each would require extensive discussion. Unless you are working on a review paper.

Anyway, you will find more information on how to go about developing a problem statement for your research in this excellent resource: The basics of writing a statement of the problem for your research proposal

Hope that helps. And all the best for your research!