Q: How long should I wait for an update after resubmitting a paper that was accepted with minor revision?

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I received a decision of ‘accept after minor revision’ for my submission to a Springer Nature journal. I made the revision and resubmitted in the last week of November 2020. It was updated to ‘Under Review’ on December 10, 2020, and has remained so till date. Should I wait for them or write to them? Please suggest.

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Firstly, congrats on your paper being accepted! So, we can understand that, if along with being eager, you are nervous that the final check is taking so long. However, as you may know, mid-December to mid-January may be considered an extended holiday season, which is probably why the status hasn’t yet updated. The reviewer/s, editor, or both may still be on leave or just have got back and be busy catching up. Anyhow, they should perform the final check soon and provide the final acceptance. If however they don’t do so in, say, a week, you may write to them requesting an update.

As the next stage (from your perspective) is the proofing, you may utilize this ‘waiting period’ judiciously by going through the following related resources and keeping yourself prepared.

All the best in taking your paper toward publication! And again, congrats!


Thank you very much for your suggestions. 


You are welcome. :)