Q: How should one assess the quality of research?

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I am currently exploring undergraduate research across social science at university on topics such as applicability market orientation and style guide compliance.

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Research published in journals or in any other medium must be of high quality as it is referred to by fellow researchers, policy makers, professionals, and students alike. There are some specific standards that can be used to assess the quality of research.

Firstly, the research must be peer reviewed, as evaluation by experienced researchers in the field ensures that no poor-quality, fictitious, or plagiarized data is published. Also, the aim of the research must be clearly defined.

Further, you must find out if the methods used in the study are appropriate for the research topic or question. You must also find out if the results of the study can be generalized to a different setting and if the results can be obtained if the study sample is modified. The data collected for the study must be authentic and accurate. The research must be conducted after thorough understanding of previously published literature. The limitations of the study must be mentioned, thus assuring that the study is realistic and rational.

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