Q: What is the process for publishing a book review?

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 I am interested in writing a book review for publication. I would like to know the process of publishing a book review with your journal. Would you please let me know if you have an available book or if I can choose a book of my choice to write a review for publication.

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Editage Insights is not a journal. We are a resource portal for researchers and academic authors. However, it is good to know that you wish to publish a book review. Many journals publish academic book reviews. You should look up some of the popular journals in your field and see if they publish book reviews.

Typically, established researchers are contacted by the journal to write book reviews. However, if you are an early career researcher, you can get in touch with the journal yourself. Larger journals might have a reviews editor who would be the best person for you to contact. However, if the website does not mention a reviews editor, you can send a pre-submission inquiry to the editor-in-chief explaining your area of interest. If you have a book in mind, mention that as well. However, also mention that you are open to any other book that the journal might want you to review.

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