Q: In my research on causes of employee turnover, what would be the delimitations?

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We may not be able to help you on the specifics of your research, but we can provide some guidance. Delimitations in a research are the boundaries that the researcher sets in defining the scope of the research. So, delimitations are in the researcher’s control. (Limitations in a research, in contrast, are the restrictions placed in the research due to constraints of time, finance, subject availability, or other such factors. They are typically beyond the researcher’s control.) The research may place these delimitations or controls based on the purpose of the research and the specific research question they are studying.

In this case, based on why you are studying employee turnover and its causes, you may decide to restrict your study to certain segments or sub-segments of the population (such as age group, experience and skill level, and compensation level), certain industries (such as those with high uncertainty, high complexity, and high stress levels), and certain factors at the macro and economic levels (such as emergence of new technologies and new work practices). Again, these are merely starting points for your consideration. As you would know your research closely, you would be in the best position to determine the delimitations.

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