Infographic: Investigational and repurposed drugs for COVID-19 treatment

Investigational and repurposed drugs for COVID-19 treatment

At the beginning of June, more than 42,000 research articles were published on COVID-19 and 3,100 clinical trials registered. A vast amount of information is now available on COVID-19, an encouraging development that tells us the research community is working hard to get us closer to a resolution of this crisis. But whether you are a clinical researcher directly involved in COVID-19 studies or someone doing basic/interdisciplinary research relevant to COVID-19, you are likely to find it difficult to get a clear overview of all the new information, especially on drugs that can potentially treat COVID-19.

We bring you an infographic that does exactly that. We chose five of the drugs currently being tested in clinical trials and listed the most important and relevant facts about them.

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The information in this piece is based on a unique content database powered by R Concept (a Cactus Communications initiative) for those involved in COVID-19related research. Sign up now for regular literature updates!

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