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I had submitted a manuscript to a Springer journal. Since the day of submission status of the manuscript has been “Editor assigned”. It has been 62 days since submission. On the 60th day of submission I had enquired about the manuscript status with the journal office, I got a mail saying that they would ask the editor to speed up the process (either will render a decision or initiate a review). The time for a first decision on the journal website is one month. Should I wait for some more time and how long?. What other options do I have?

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Thank you for this question. The status "Editor assigned" means your manuscript is with an editor and once the editor starts reviewing the file, the status will change again. Given that you have already enquired with the journal once, it is advisable you wait for another 2 weeks before sending a follow-up email. You can also request that another editor be assigned but this of course will be subject to editor availability. If the journal encourages the suggestion of editors, you can recommend an editor as well.

If there’s still no change after 2 weeks, you may wish to write to the editor again. For doing so, you may find this handbook resourceful: A practical handbook of templates for communicating with the journal

Good luck with the communication and subsequent steps!