Q: My manuscript got rejected due to poor English. What should I do?

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My manuscript got rejected at second stage of review. The Editor and Reviewer commented that my manuscript is written in VERY BAD ENGLISH and is full of GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES.

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I understand that it must be upsetting to receive rejection in the second round of review. It is very common for English as a second language authors to face problems with the language while publishing their manuscripts in international journals. To tackle this problem, you can request help from friends whose first language is English or consult the writing center in your university if it has one. You can also consider using professional editing services. There are quite a few reputable editing companies and you can choose any one of them. In fact, Editage also has a language editing service.

However, irrespective of where you get help from, you should disclose that you have taken language editing assistance either in the disclosures or in the acknowledgments section. As per scholarly publishing best practices, any form of assistance with regard to writing, editing, or proofreading of the manuscript should be disclosed.