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My paper's status shows "Reviews completed," but I've not received a decision. Does this indicate rejection?

A manuscript was submitted to one of the journal in springer on 28/04/2017. After different status changes, the tracking system has been showing "Reviews completed" since 21/09/2017. However, till date, I have not received a decision. I have written an email to editor, who replied that the paper is waiting for the editor's decision.Is it a bad sign? Does this mean the article will be rejected?

It's been slightly over a month since the status changed to "Reviews completed." It can take several weeks for the editor to take a decision on your manuscript. This can happen if there are a lot of manuscript queued up before yours. Your manuscript is waiting for it's turn for the editor to take a look at it and arrive at a decision based on the reviews. Don't worry, this is just standard procedure. It does not indicate either a rejection or an acceptance. You will have to wait for the decision letter to know the fate of your paper. However, the fact that the editor has replied to your email is a sign that the journal is actively processing your paper. Keep your fingers crossed! All the best!

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