Q: What does the status "ED: Not Assigned, EE: Under Review" mean on ScholarOne?

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The status of one of my manuscripts on ScholarOne is "ED: Not Assigned, EE: Rodríguez-Vázquez, Angel , Under Review". What does it mean?

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The status ‘ED: Not Assigned’ means that an Associate Editor has not yet been assigned for your manuscript. I am not really sure what ‘EE’ means on ScholarOne. However, for some other journals, ‘EE’ stands for ‘Executive Editor’ which is equivalent to Editor-in-chief. So, perhaps your paper is currently being screened by the Executive Editor (EE) to check whether it meets the journal’s requirements. This is pretty much like an admin check. Once this is done, the paper will be assigned to an ED, that is, Associate Editor or Handling Editor who will be in charge of your manuscript till the first decision.


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