Webinar: Strategies for writing your literature review: screening papers and synthesizing results

Strategies for writing your literature review: screening papers and synthesizing results

Conducting an effective literature review is critical for researchers to consolidate existing information on a subject, identify possible knowledge gaps, and find novel ways to position their findings. However, keeping abreast of new research on a regular basis can be daunting. Global research output has been growing about 4% annually over the last 10 years1. This swelling tide of new research, combined with the constant need to stay updated, often leaves most researchers, especially early career researchers and post-docs, overwhelmed and worried about missing out on important scientific developments.

While there are many discovery services available to help you find the relevant research, you need good organization skills, attention to detail and patience - to gather, sift through, and analyze large quantities of data into a coherent, informative, and unbiased report. So, is there a way to streamline this process? Are there any proven strategies for formulating search methods, screening results, and collating findings into a seamless narrative?

Get answers to these questions, and more, by attending an upcoming webinar presented by Editage, in association with Scholarcy, on strategies for writing your literature review: screening papers and synthesising results. Join expert Phil Gooch, an experienced academic, CEO and Co-Founder of Scholarcy —an AI-based article summarization and knowledge extraction tool, as he explains how you can accelerate the literature review process.

During this interactive webinar Phil Gooch will share proven methods to:

  • streamline and optimize your academic literature review process
  • understand the risks of undertaking the literature review without a framework
  • screen, analyse, and summarize search results effectively
  • follow the citation trail and manage your references
  • produce an objective and methodologically-sound literature review

Participants will also have the opportunity to learn the various steps involved in developing and presenting a coherent and relevant literature review. From creating a framework to using knowledge extraction tools to quicken search efforts and understanding how to source citations and analyze their research. The tips shared in this 60-minute webinar will enable participants not only to deliver a balanced review but also provide techniques to accelerate the process.


Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Time: 9 am EST

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About Phil Gooch

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Phil Gooch is the CEO and Co-Founder of Scholarcy, and has over two decades of experience developing content enrichment and automated knowledge extraction solutions for the publishing, EdTech, and healthcare sectors. After his PhD in clinical NLP, he built the technology behind Scholarcy, an AI-powered article summarization and knowledge extraction tool that condenses research papers into easy-to-read, interactive flashcards. At Scholarcy, Phil Gooch produces technological solutions that are designed to combat the research discovery challenges that students and researchers face today, in the midst of burgeoning volumes of published research and preprints.



National Science Board, January 2020, https://ncses.nsf.gov/pubs/nsb20206/