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The journal is taking more than 6 months to find reviewers for my paper. What should I do?

The journal I submitted to has rather short review time. However, some people said it is slow. Three months after submission, the status changed to "under review" and then remains the same since then. I enquired once around 4 months after submission. The journal replied that they were having difficulty in finding reviewers and they would let me know when there is an update. Another month passed, but there was no update. I sent another inquiry asking if the paper has come back to editor. Then journal said the editor failed to get reviewers even after multiple attempts. Now the EiC has started searching and is trying to give me results in two weeks. Nearly half a year has passed since I submitted the paper, and I am thinking of withdrawing. What should I do? Wait for another two weeks? Withdraw?  6 months just got wasted. I only need a IF 2 journal, why is it so difficult? Can you suggest any journal that's easy to publish in and has a short TAT. My field is biomolecular development. Thanks!

Since you have waited for six months, you might as well wait for another couple of weeks. But if the EiC is unable to give you a decision within that time, it would be better to withdraw your paper and submit it to a rapid publication journal in your field.

This article will guide you on the withdrawal process:

Should I withdraw my manuscript if the Editor cannot find reviewers?

It is difficult to recommend a journal that will be suitable for your paper. However, this article provides a list of journals from various fields that offer rapid publication. The list might help you identify a suitable journal from your field.

A list of journals and publishers that offer rapid publication

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