Q: What does the status 'Pending Approval' mean at Hindawi?

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I submitted the major revision of my paper to a Hindawi journal. The previous status was 'AE Assigned.' The current status is 'Pending Approval.'

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I assume the two status updates you have mentioned are those after you submitted the paper following the major revision request. If so, the status change means that the associate editor (AE) has gone through the revised manuscript and made a decision on the paper. They have then communicated their decision to the Editor-in-Chief (EiC), who will make the final call on the paper.

While this status (the EiC’s decision) is indicated by the descriptor ‘Decision in Process’ by most other journals, at Hindawi, it seems to be indicated by ‘Pending Approval.’

Anyway, here’s hoping – we can understand your nervousness. However, in case the decision is to reject, as you have already made extensive changes, you can submit this revised version to another journal.

All the best with whatever is next!

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