Q: What is the meaning of the status "editor assigned" after manuscript is accepted?

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I had submitted my paper to one of the Springer journals in the month of July 2017. After a third revision, I got an email from the editorial office saying that my paper has been accepted for publication. But after two days, the status changed to editor assigned. Could you please tell me what is the meaning of this status? And how I can approach the editorial office regarding this matter? Is it okay to write an email to the editor and ask about the current status?

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Congratulations on your manuscript being accepted! It is indeed odd that the status would change to ‘Editor assigned’ once the manuscript is accepted. Typically, accepted articles will be transferred to the publisher for copyediting. While this status might just be a technical glitch and it is very likely to not hamper the progress of the publication, you can definitely email the journal editor for an explanation of the situation and to request a clarification on the next steps. Please ensure to include the title of your manuscript and the manuscript ID.

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