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What is the probability of my manuscript's acceptance after two rounds of revisions?

What is the rough probability of rejection of a manuscript after two rounds of major revisions? After the first review, I revised the manuscript according to the reviewer's comments. The reviewer  raised a new issue in the second round of review and recommended that I revise the  manuscript again. I revised the manuscript as per the reviewer’s suggestions and submitted to the journal. Only one reviewer was assigned after second revision and the paper is under review for last seven months.

After second revision, the submission’s status changed from "major revision" to "with editor". After 1 week, the submission’s status changed to "under review" and  two weeks after that the status changed to "with editor". I have not received any email from the editor so far. The status again has changed to "under review". I would be grateful if someone could help me to understand the meaning of the current status.

Usually it is not uncommon for a manuscript to receive rejection even after two rounds of major revisions, although it would not be possible to give statistics on this. However, in your case, it seems the editor wants to take an unbiased and justified decision regarding the acceptance of your manuscript. The current status may reflect that the editor has sent the manuscript for another round of review to a same or different peer reviewer to ensure a correct assessment is received for the revised manuscript.

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