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What should I do when the journal is not satisfied with an already edited manuscript?

I have a question about a manuscript edited by another company. I have submitted a revised manuscript with responses to reviewer’s comments. I had received “minor revisions”. The editor gave a decision of "potentially acceptable", but the reviewer said, "the manuscript still requires additional professional linguistic editing". My manuscript has been already edited by an editing company, and an acknowledgement section is included in the manuscript with the name of editor and editing company. In such a case, should I ask for another editing? Or, should I tell the journal editor that my manuscript has already been edited? I would like to know which approach is better. Also, please let me know of any other good approach.

As far as I understand, the journal reviewer has asked for a language proofreading for your revised manuscript, which was edited by a company. I would suggest that you re-edit the manuscript instead of mentioning that it has been edited since this is already stated in your manuscript. The reviewers are probably aware of this and still want you to re-check the editing.

You could contact the company that edited the manuscript and inform them about the reviewer comments and request for a re-edit by an expert. You should also consider getting it cross-checked by a colleague or friend who is an expert in English language. If these options are not available, you could consider professional editing services offered by other reputed companies like Editage.

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