Q: What would be the research objective in my study?

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My study is on the effects of teacher-student interaction in the classroom.

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It would not be right for us to provide you the objective(s) for your research, also because you would be the most familiar with it. Nevertheless, we can provide some guidance.

A research objective is a specific outcome you are expecting to obtain through the research. In the case of your research, you need to identify and then concisely express what you plan to achieve by studying the interaction(s) of teachers and students in the classroom. The key point about a research objective is that it should be achievable. That is, no matter what the limitations of your research, you should be able to attain the objective(s). Also, there can be multiple objectives, but it would be advisable not to have too many, otherwise the research would get too diffused. You will be able to arrive at a few objectives after doing a detailed search and review of the existing literature and, if needed, speaking with some experts in the field. You need to write the objectives in the Introduction section.

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