Q: What would be the scope and delimitations of my study?

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My study is around students’ perceptions of trash talking.

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Scope means the extent to which your study will explore the area under study. In your case, for instance, you will need to determine the age and schooling level of students you will study. So too with their perceptions: whether you will study perceptions when they are the ones trash talking, at the receiving end of trash talking, merely observers, and so on. It is important to define your scope before you begin the study. If it is too broad, you may not be able to complete the study. If on the other hand, the scope is too narrow, the results may not be generalizable.

Delimitations are the boundaries you put on your study as a part of defining the scope. So, delimitations are in the researcher’s control. Limitations, in contrast, are beyond the control of the researcher, such as constraints of location, finance, and subject.

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