Q: Should I write to the editorial office if my revised submission's status hasn't changed for over a month?

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I have submitted a revised manuscript. One reviewer suggested major revisions and the other reviewer rejected it with a comment that the work is not novel enough for the esteemed journal. I have revised the first reviewer’s comments thoroughly and submitted on Sep 02. Since then, the status is “With Editor”.

For reference, initially when I submitted my paper, it was “With Editor” for 5 days only and “With Reviewer” for 25 days, and then for about 10 days, the status was “Decision under Process,” but this time, the status has not changed. Should I write a mail to the editorial office?

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Generally speaking, revised submissions are sent to the same set of reviewers who originally reviewed your paper. Therefore, ideally, it should not take too long for the editor to assign reviewers. However, in your case, the editor might send it out to one new reviewer as he/she may want a fresh perspective. This could be a possible reason for the delay. It may also be that the editor or reviewers is busy with other submissions and has not yet had time to assign the revised manuscript to the reviewers.


As it has been over five weeks since you’ve re-submitted the manuscript, you could write to the editorial office requesting an update.


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