Q: Why has the status of my manuscript remained "Decision in process" from the day of submission?

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Why does the status show "Decision process" for my manuscript from the day of submission till now when it's been one month after submission?

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It is quite strange that the status of your manuscript has remained “Decision in process” since the day of submission. Generally, a manuscript undergoes various status changes like “Manuscript submitted,” “Editor assigned,” or “With Editor.” One possible reason for this could be that the journal uses “Decision in process” throughout the submission process and the status changes only when the journal is sent for peer review or when the final decision has been made.

The other possibility could be that there is a technical error in the submission system. You should check the journal website to see if they have mentioned the usual status descriptions displayed by the journal. Also,since it has been a month now, it would be fair to write an inquiry to the journal editor asking for clarification regarding the status of your manuscript. However, please remember to be polite and courteous in your inquiry.

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