Workshop: Editage conducts a workshop in Hanyang University of Art and Design at Seoul, South Korea

Editage conducts a workshop in Hanyang University of Art and Design at Seoul, South Korea

Editage conducted a workshop on 23rd January 2019 in Hanyang University of Art and Design in Seoul, South Korea on ‘How to write a research paper in English.’ This two-hour long workshop with graduate school students aimed to expound on the art of writing an academic paper according to international standards.

Basil D’souza, Vice President, Academia and Publisher Relations, Editage, has been working with Universities in Korea to address challenges faced by Korean researchers in getting published internationally. The open air and informal set-up of the workshop was exciting and engaging and had a good turnout.

In the session, Basil D’souza covered the components of a complete and impressive submission package with a special focus on writing a research paper that is publication-ready. Editage with over 16 years of experience in scholarly communications recently launched an Author Training Academy that focuses on coaching researchers on all aspects of the publication process. 

About Editage

Editage, a division of Cactus Communications, was established in April 2002 with an aim to accelerate global scientific research communication. Employing a global in-house workforce of over 750, Editage has served over 240,000 authors and edited over 925,000 papers to date. Editage has facilitated scholars, breaking barriers of borders and tongue, bridging the gap between authors and peer-reviewed journals, and accelerating the process of publishing high-quality research. Please visit to learn more.

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