Video: Are you up for the 6-week challenge? Here's your first task!

Are you up for the 6-week challenge? Here's your first task!

We're celebrating our sixth anniversary at Editage Insights! And, as we always do for our anniversary, we have a special initiative planned that we would love to have you participate in. While you always have access to our treasure trove of resources and professional development advice at every stage of your publication journey, we realize that we don't focus enough on your personal wellbeing and happniess.

So here's our 6-week challenge towards a healthier and happier you! 

Challenge #1:

Spend 2 hours this week doing something you love! A hobby that you've been neglecting for a while! 

According to early results from our global survey on mental health in academia, at least 38% of researchers don't have enough time to spend on hobbies and recreation. And we all know how important hobbies are for your mental wellbeing!

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So if you're up for this, reply now saying "challenge accepted" and then, before next Tuesday, complete the challenge and reply again sharing what you did. All the best!

You're looking to give wings to your academic career and publication journey. We like that!

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