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In conversation with Christopher Leonard, Director of Strategy & Innovation at Cactus Communications, about his views on how ChatGPT may find use in research and…
Can ChatGPT support scholarly communications? Interview with Christopher Leonard
ChatGPT, an AI chatbot released by tech company OpenAI is making immense foray in academia. The authorship of research papers and preprints are being credited to the…
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Up to 52 papers published by Gregg L. Semenza, one of the 2019 laureates for Physiology or Medicine, have been scrutinized for potential image manipulation. This article…
It was a joy to see the researcher community excitedly exchanging their thoughts and views on the theme of Peer Review Week 2022. A few researchers went out of their way…
The final event of the Peer Review Week 2022 celebrations (Sep 19-23), powered by Editage and Researcher.Life,  was a panel discussion titled “Discussing research…