Q: What are the three strategies in elucidating a concept paper?

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If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for a few strategies or methods to either help explain the purpose of the study in your concept paper or help explain or defend your concept paper in a discussion (perhaps with your professor or supervisor).


As you know, a concept paper is a summary of the research you are planning to conduct. It should not be very long, just about two-three pages. One of the key points in the paper should be an explanation why the research question you have selected is important. Ideally, you should select a research question based on the following criteria: how relevant it is to the field, how it builds on previous research, and whether it seeks to provide a new solution. Once you do a thorough study of the existing literature in your field, you should be able to eventually arrive upon a sound research question. While undertaking a comprehensive literature study, you will also come upon information and insights that you may use to explain why you choose the specific research question.


If you are looking for strategies to help explain or defend your research question or paper, you may use a variety of methods – such as analogy, comparison, and proof – to elaborate, or elucidate, your point. These will come from a thorough understanding of the study area, which again, will come from an in-depth study of the relevant literature. You will find a description of some methods in this related article: 6 Quick and easy ways to better explain science to non-scientists


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