Q: My paper is in the "Decision Rescinded" status after the "Decision in Process" status. What does this mean?

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Dear all. Hi. My manuscript status was "Under Review" for about two months in one of the Springer journals. Then, the status changed to "Decision in Process" and remained so for only two days. Now, the status is "Decision Rescinded". Could anyone please tell me what this means? Thanks in advance.

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“Under Review” for two months means that your manuscript went through a peer review. When the status changed to “Decision in Process”, it meant that based on the peer review, the handling editor had made a decision on the manuscript. “Decision in Process” is also a way for the handling editor to communicate their decision to the Editor-in-Chief (EiC), who makes the final decision on the manuscript. In this case, the EiC seems not to have agreed with the decision by the handling editor, whatever the latter’s decision may have been. The EiC may send the manuscript to another handling editor or an editorial board for a second opinion. You could wait for a few days to hear the final decision from the journal. If you haven't heard from them by then, you could write to them politely seeking an update.

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