Researchers from the Duke University conducted a study on rhesus monkeys and discovered that stress on monkeys belonging to lower social rungs affected their immune system. The team studied a group of 45 unrelated female rhesus monkeys. After the monkeys created a social order among themselves, the researchers took immune cells from the monkeys and measured the activity of about 9,000 genes. Read more about their research here.

Josephine Joordens, a biologist at Leiden University, found a seashell with a doodle that was made by Homo erectus half a million years ago. Read on to know how this discovery has raised speculations about H. erectus having abilities such as abstract thinking, which was attributed only to Homo sapiens.  

Researchers have found that infants who can detect changes in number will have a high mathematical aptitude by the time they reach preschool. Read on to know more. 

Scientists working in the Channel island of Jersey have stumbled upon geological deposits that may help us understand the disappearance of the Neanderthal populations from the region. Read on to know more.