What are your views on women in academia?

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What are your views on women in academia?

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Had Gertrude Elion accepted the predominant opinion in her time, she would not have been able to perform path breaking research that would help us develop AZT, the drug that is used to delay the development of AIDS.

It has been several years since the earliest movements advocating gender equality began in different parts of the world to demand an inclusion of women in various fields, including research. Today, women have made significant contributions to research and scientific development. This March, the month of International Women’s Day, Editage Insights is happy to present Women in Academia – a series centered on women in research, publishing, and scientific communication. The posts in this series include discussion-based articles that seek your views on women in academia, updates of latest studies on gender representation in research, interviews with eminent women in research, and much more.

1. Gender bias in academia more about attitude than aptitude

Sneha Kulkarni

Women are making their presence felt in a traditionally male-dominated academic world. However, they are still underrepresented in fields such as political science, physics, and philosophy. A study suggests that this skew in gender ratio is a result of the emphasis of some fields on “genius” as against hard work, and the stereotype that women are less likely to be as intelligent as men to pursue an academic career. Read the full article.

2. Women at work within and outside academia: A Japanese sociological perspective

An Interview with Professor Minako Konno

Professor Minako Konno is a professor at the Department of Sociology (Division of Global Sciences), Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Japan. Using her corporate work experience in Japan as well as her experience as a student in Japan and the US, Professor Konno explores the dynamics behind the professional lives of women and the sociological aspects governing career choices and gender representation. Read the full interview.

3. Do mothers have a place in academia?

Kakoli Majumder

While there is a fair share of women at the entry level in academia, they are highly underrepresented in senior faculty positions. Most women scientists perceive a tenure track position as not being compatible with having children. What makes it difficult for mothers to continue a career in academia? Read on to find out.

4. Is there gender bias in research?

Jayashree Rajagopalan

To what extent does the gender of a researcher affect his or her work and growth prospects? Apparently, gender stereotypes and generalized perceptions about men and women influence the opportunities available to them and how their contribution to scientific development may be perceived. Several studies have actually investigated the existence and impact of gender bias in various fields of research. This post reviews three such studies to offer a glimpse into how gender stereotypes are at play in research. Read the full review.

5. Exemplary women in academia: A tribute to 18 Nobel laureates

This video celebrates 18 women who were awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in recognition of their extraordinary contributions to scientific discovery and research.  Watch the video now.

6. Take our poll

Do you believe that a gender bias exists in research or academia? Take this poll to share your views!

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Published on: Mar 16, 2015


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