Q: What do reviewers look for in a thesis?

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When a reviewer reviews the thesis, what do they look for?

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To make sure your thesis creates a good impression on the reviewer, you must present your it in a convincing manner. Here are some finer details which the examiners usually look for. Please keep these in mind when you start writing your thesis:

  • Most importantly, your thesis must make a significant contribution to your field. Choose an appropriate research topic and make sure you provide an in-depth analysis and interpretation of all your findings.
  • Examiners are likely to judge your thesis on the basis of your depth of knowledge and understanding of literature. Therefore, it is necessary for you to demonstrate how well you understand your research topic. Ensure that you do an exhaustive literature review and conduct your research with the highest degree of integrity.
  • The examiners are likely to appreciate manuscripts that are written clearly, concisely, and convincingly. You must present your study in a logical progression and connect your findings or statements with relevant literature.
  • Reviewers may view your work more critically if there errors or typos in your writing, so make sure you get rid of all such nuances beforehand. Reviewers may view your work favorably if you can make your case effectively.
  • Reviewers have an eye for detail so make sure your thesis is presented in a logical manner and on the basis of factual details.

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