Q: What will the manuscript status be after "Completed production task assignments"?

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The manuscript status was “completed acceptance,” and the editor asked me to modify the graphic abstract. Now it says “completed production task assignments.” I am about to graduate. I want to know what the next status will be for my paper. How long shall I have to wait to see the DOI number?

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You have not mentioned whether you have already received the page proofs. If this stage is complete, then as per the status of your manuscript, everything has been done at your end and your manuscript is ready for publication. If you still haven't received the page proofs, you will receive them soon and will have to send the corrected proofs to the journal. Once this is done, you needn’t worry as all the work has been completed from your end. You can wait till the next issue of the journal is out. However, if your article is not published in the next issue, you can send an inquiry to the journal editor.

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