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In writing a research paper, you mention, or cite, papers written by other researchers. For example, instead of describing in detail the method you used, you simply…
Confused about how to use the Chicago Manual of Style or Scientific Style and Format when preparing your manuscript?We will soon host a video prepared by experts from…
This article explains some points of style in scientific writing related to using negative exponents in expressing rates.
Tips on using negative exponents while expressing rates in scientific writing
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Discusses the three non-SI units mentioned in the title (psi, mesh number, and quintals) and supplies appropriate conversion factors.
This post discusses the minutiae of expressing rates (kilometres per hour, grams per litre, etc.) using negative exponents and the slash.
Learn about the minor stylistic differences in labeling the parts of a multi-part figure as specified in four major style guides.
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This post explains how to print temperatures, seconds, and primers in describing a polymerase chain reaction.
The article discusses a few points of style related to bacterial nomenclature.