Q: Is it possible to change any figure after the accepted article has been proofed?

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I have edited your question for clarity based on my understanding. I assume that your article has been accepted and the corrected page proofs already submitted. You wish to know if it is possible to change a figure at this stage.

You have not mentioned the reason why you wish to change the figure. Generally speaking, journals do not accept any changes once the page proofs have been submitted. At this stage, the article may already be in the final stages of publication, and it may be difficult to make changes. However, having said that, if you have spotted a fairly serious error in the figure that needs to be corrected, you can surely write to the editor. Explain what the error is and why it is important to make the correction. I'm sure the editor will try to accommodate your request if the change is crucial. In case the correction cannot be made before publication, you can always make the change through an erratum or corrigendum published in the next issue to the journal.

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