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Scholarly Communications Good Reads

We love to stay updated about the goings on in the academic publishing industry to bring you the content that helps you stay ahead of the curve. In order to do this, we read up a lot! In this section, we share some of the most interesting bits of information we came across. Read these updates to get a monthly snapshot of what has been happening in the world of scholarly communication.
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, June 2018
Do you know what the scholarly publishing industry was talking about in June 2018? We've curated for you an interesting mix of some great discussions about research and publishing. The topics in this edition include: peer review, the impact factor, Europe’s OA 2020 mission, China’s unique five-structure system, a recent image manipulation discovery, and tips for postdocs. Read on and stay updated!
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, May 2018
The month of May has rushed past us, and a lot has transpired on the scholarly communication and academic publishing front. If you have been too busy to catch the buzz, do not worry! Our excellent editorial team has you covered. This month, conversations around the lack of reproducibility, challenges faced by researchers who move abroad, issues that libraries around the world are facing, and more such topics gained traction. So here’s a curated list of the most interesting discussions of this...
Most Memorable Moments on Academic Twitter in April-2018
Last month, academic Twitter was abuzz with conversations around topics such as Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, the March for Science Movement, and the contribution of libraries and librarians across the U.S. If you’ve been too busy to stay on top of these discussions, here’s a quick roundup of some interesting conversations that the scholarly community was having on Twitter in April.
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, April 2018
Do you know what the scholarly community was talking about this month? Our team of editors has compiled a list of the some great posts from around the web that include trending discussions on “zombie” papers, depression among researchers, fake acceptance letters from journals, and how competition and “Nobel lust” affects researchers’ choices.   
Top 40 Academic blogs every PhD student and researcher should read
Academic blogs are a great way to pick up chatter about what’s brewing in scholarly publishing and what researchers think about specific aspects of academia. They are also a great source of essential tips and guidance for researchers and PhD students as they advance through their academic careers. This article lists 40 popular academic blogs that every researcher and PhD student needs to read! 
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, March 2018
March has been an eventful month for the scholarly publishing community. Tributes poured in from all parts of the world when the news of the demise of Dr. Stephen Hawking broke. In addition, several developments were discussed by the academic publishing community, such as how the irreproducibility issues may not be  crisis, open access could be the future of research and publishing, and how children visualize scientists. This month we bring you these discussions as well as some interesting...
Most memorable moments in the world of academia during March 2018
In March 2018, academic Twitter was buzzing with hashtags and conversations around topics such as International Women’s Day and the need for presenting a more current and realistic image of what scientists of today look like! Apart from this, academics and non-academics alike tweeted to pay tribute to Dr. Stephen Hawking who passed away earlier this month. We’ve followed several hashtags and trends throughout the month to give you this quick roundup of academic discussions on Twitter you may...
10 Fascinating talks by brilliant women in STEM: A Women’s Day Special
To celebrate international Women’s Day, and commemorate some of the brilliant female minds in science, we bring you a collection of 10 enthralling TEDx talks by remarkable women in STEM.  Each of these inspiring women scientists will take you through the exciting world of her work and how she sought out to pursue her passion.
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, February 2018
Although the month of February is typically shorter, there has been no dearth in the buzz in the scholarly world. From trending discussions around the definition of the concept of “excellence” and the presence of “disability bias” in peer review to raising a concern about the transparency in research communication and more, a lot has transpired. If you have been keeping too busy to follow all the latest tidbits, here is a list of articles that cover the latest goings-on in the industry. Happy...
Trending Discussions on Academic Twitter You May Have Missed during Feb 2018
The world of academia has caught the social media bug. Academics across varying career stages have taken to using Twitter to share a variety of messages, both professional and personal. We want to ensure that you stay on top of the world of academia by following trending hashtags and related discussions. This post provides you a quick roundup of academic discussions on Twitter you may have missed in February.