Webinar: Essentials of data science and statistics

Essentials of data science and statistics

Data science is a significant field and a popular career path and is used in diverse areas by some of the world’s largest companies- from data analytics, health, economics, manufacturing to AI and robotics. Experts believe that data science will have a central role in many of these areas in the future.

This webinar will be led by Darko Medin, an experienced data scientist, statistician and R programmer who has over 8 years of experience of working in different research companies and academic institutions across the globe. Darko will provide some useful insights for students and researchers interested in starting or advancing their careers in statistics or data science. He will also discuss the use of data science and statistics tools and software while conducting research. By the end of this webinar, you will be well-versed with the use of data science and statistics in your career to resolve complex problems in academia and industry.

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Join us and Darko for this webinar on 8th June 2022 at 2 pm GMT to learn:

  • The growing potential of data science as a career path
  • Use of statistic concepts to improve research
  • The best tools in Data Science and Statistics and how can they be applied efficiently to resolve problems in different Research and Industry areas
  • Specific examples of using Data Science and Statistics in different academic and industry areas


About the Speaker: 


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Darko Medin is an experienced R programmer with more than 8 years of experience in various areas of data science. He specializes in machine learning and AI, with an expertise in Python and deep learning. An expert data scientist and statistician, he has worked with a large number of research companies as well as academic institutions across the globe. One of the key aspects about his expertise is his involvement in developing machine learning curriculums.  


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