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Academic publishing is an exciting and dynamic industry. In this section, we bring you, the latest updates and news about research publication from across the globe.
Clarivate Analytics releases the 2017 Journal Citation Reports
Last week, Clarivate Analytics released the much anticipated 2017 Journal Citation Reports (JCR), which includes information about highly cited peer-reviewed publications. Read on to find out more about the details about this release. 
Editage announces grants for Asian editors to attend ISMTE’s North American and European conferences
Editage has announced travel grants for journal editors from East Asia to attend the 10th Annual North American and European conferences of the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE). Read on for details about the prize amount and the application process.  
US will pull out of Paris Climate Change Agreement, says Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump, announced last week that the US intends to pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement and would no longer fulfill the pledges it took as part of the Agreement. This statement has elicited a lot of strong reactions from the global business and research communities.
China takes pledge of zero tolerance to academic misconduct
China has declared a policy of zero tolerance towards academic misconduct following the mass retraction of 107 articles by Chinese authors from Tumor Biology last month, and some more recent retractions by another Springer journal, Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics. Read on to find out.
NIH’s new policy to put limit on grant money awarded to researchers
Recently, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced a major change in their policy that will have repercussions across the biomedical research community. Moving away from the traditional model, NIH will introduce a point system to put a cap on the amount of funding a researcher can receive. The agency explains that the main intent is to make more grants available and assist early and mid-career researchers in getting grants easily. 
Springer announces mass retraction of 107 papers by Chinese authors
Springer announced the retraction of 107 papers published in Tumor Biology, an open access cancer journal, as they found evidence of peer review manipulation. Most of these papers were authored by Chinese researchers and were published between 2012 and 2016.  
Thousands of science supporters around the world set to ‘March for Science’
Scientists have been long accused of remaining confined to an ivory tower with little or no connect to the non-scientific community. But this will change on Earth Day, that is, April 22, when scientists, science advocates, and science enthusiasts from around the world will take to the streets to participate in the March for Science. Is this the first time scientists have raised their voices? Are all scientists in favor of this movement? Read on to find out more and take the poll at the end of...
Axios Review announces closure
Axios Review, an independent non-profit peer review service announced that the company plans to shut down and, effective immediately, they will stop accepting further submissions from March 1. This development highlights the question of the sustainability of alternate peer review models in the journal publication workflow.
Trump’s first budget proposal spells disaster for U.S. science agencies
U.S. President Donald Trump released the blueprint of his first federal budget for the next year on March 16. He proposed severe cuts to the science budget, sending shockwaves among the scientific community. Read on to know the highlights of his proposal. 
Peer reviewer refuses to review after author declines data sharing request
Gert Storms, a consulting editor for an American Psychological Association (APA) journal was asked to resign after refusing to review a paper because the author declined his request to share the underlying data for the study.