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Academic publishing is an exciting and dynamic industry. In this section, we bring you, the latest updates and news about research publication from across the globe.
Editage workshop at King Saud University on increasing a manuscript's chances of acceptance
As part of the Scientific Research Week forum, Editage conducted a workshop at King Saud University, Riyadh, on February 22, 2018. The workshop was led by Prof. Caven McLoughlin, Consultant Academic Trainer, Editage, who guided the attendees through a highly interactive and informative session.    The workshop met with a great response and attendees asked pertinent questions about maximizing their chances of being published in international journals. The insightful session covered tasks...
PubMed Commons to go dark due to low engagement
The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced earlier this month that it plans to discontinue the PubMed Commons service from February 15, 2018 due to low engagement and usage. Read on to know the details of this development. 
China surpasses the U.S. to become the largest producer of science publications
According to 2018 Science & Engineering Indicators, a report published by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), China has left the U.S. behind to become the largest producer of scientific articles. Over the last few years, the volume of publications in China has increased exponentially; and it had been trailing the U.S. with regard to the number of publications. Find out more details on the areas where China is leading and those in which it is trailing the U.S. 
South Korean universities renew deal with Elsevier, say they are unhappy with prices
A consortium of 300 South Korean universities and college libraries has reached an agreement with publishing giant Elsevier after long negotiations and a series of disagreements. However, the consortium has clarified that it is not completely satisfied with the newer rates as well. Read on to find details on the terms of the agreement and how South Korea plans to negotiate for a better deal. 
EuroScience and Editage partner to support European Young Researchers Award
EuroScience and Editage announced partnership wherein Editage will provide the winners of the European Young Researchers Awards with a package of support services aimed at disseminating scientific research in enhanced content formats such as videos and infographics. 
The workshops at Daejeon University on November 29 and Hallym Polytechnic University Hospital on December 11 hosted by Editage were met with a great response. The workshop at Daejeon University dealt with making a manuscript submission ready while the purpose of the workshop at Hallym Polytechnic University was to address concerns about structuring and writing a manuscript to make it readable and persuasive. Both sessions were insightful and provided information about the process of effective...
Wolters Kluwer and Editage workshop on scientific writing at National Medical Library, Delhi, India
Continuing the collaboration with Wolters-Kluwer India, Editage conducted a workshop at NML (National Medical Library) in Delhi, India, on December 18. Led by Editage Academic Trainer Kalpataru Mukherjee, the workshop was meant only for doctors affiliated with NML.   The workshop was divided into two sessions and lasted for half a day. Addressing the basic concerns of writing a scientific paper, the first session walked the participants through details of the IMRaD format but what really...
US federal body decides to repeal net neutrality
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to reverse net neutrality in the country. This means that going forward, Internet service providers can restrict some websites; reduce the speed at which certain types of content are loaded; and create premium, speedy access categories behind paywalls. This decision is likely to affect several segments of users and businesses including those from the scientific and publishing community.
Elsevier decides to retract 26 articles following suspicions of fake peer review
On Dec 21, Elsevier announced that it is in the process of retracting 26 papers across six of its journals due to peer review manipulation and authorship irregularities. 13 of the papers have already been retracted and the rest are soon to follow. The papers have been published by a group of Iran-based researchers.
Editage Workshop Marathon in top Korean Universities
The first week of December was an exciting time for Editage in Korea. Dr. Donald Samulack, President, US Operations, Editage, and Hani Kim, Academic Trainer, Editage, conducted ten workshops in eight universites in Korea, from December 4th to December 7th. All the workshops were packed to capacity and saw a lot of participation.        The Workshop Marathon, which was conducted in the oldest and most renowned medical universities in Korea, addressed Author Perceptions of the Academic...